In the Navy

My grandpa Wilson who served in WWII
My grandpa Bellamy who served in WWII as well.

A walk down memory lane blew by last week.

While visiting down south, I came across numerous photos of men to be honored.
My grandfathers, David’s grandpa Gibson, my dad, my brother Will and Gabe, my husband and Uncle Doki have served our great nation.
 While spending the last two nights in the airport we’ve been blessed with stories from people all over the world.
 All branches of the military deserve our utmost respect.
They sacrifice so much for Americans.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I, along with many, miss you Grand daddy Bob and Pa Pa.
Many look forward to seeing you guys again one day.
I love you.

We are currently at the USO in Norfolk, Virginia on stand-by, waiting to see what is next for us.
Thank you USO for such a nice place to wait until we carry on.

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