I’ll Fly Away

Picture1A little over a month has gone by since we boarded a plane and said good-bye to Europe. We flew seven and half hours from Lisbon, Portugal to Newark, New Jersey, stayed overnight on the mainland of our motherland of America and then boarded a 14 hour straight flight to Tokyo, Japan.1524879_662096143877245_5084184057218366877_n
When we arrived in Tokyo we were sent to the United desk because they had overbooked the flight from Tokyo to Guam. They needed people to stay behind and catch the following flight that would get us to Guam at 1 A.M. vs. 9 P.M. They tried to convince us but we were spent and no amount of money or points added to the United Mileage Plus card was going to convince us to catch a later flight. Our kid was done travelling the globe. He had motion sickness the last hour in the air from Newark to Tokyo and vomited all over himself and me. Poor kid, he did that when we were moving from the states to Naples, Italy three and half years ago as well. But that time he lost his lunch all over himself, my shoes and the floor as we were standing in line to board the plane. Oh boy did we smell nice. I’m sure the passengers appreciated the aroma. I felt so sorry for him and I am very thankful that the crew and people around us, in both instances, were kind as well. The last leg of the journey was only dry heaving in a garbage bag as we flew three hours to our final destination of Guam.10473959_855027294526484_635376162_o
So here we are living on Guam. Guam is really beautiful. I think my herbs will grow year round here and that makes me happy. The island is outlined in blue above. It is an example of the size she is and the area she encompasses. In the top left corner, you have Oklahoma, top middle Washington State, top right New York, bottom left California, bottom middle Portugal and bottom right Italy. We are enjoying the laid back life here so far. I thought Europe was laid back but oh no, Guam is totally island style. No rushing it seems.10314670_662096550543871_7087170376835813600_n
That is unless you sit down to dine at a restaurant. Oh my gosh, mainland America and turning tables is in full effect here. Well, when you come from living in Europe for three and half years, the last thing you do is rush when you dine. So it has been culturally shocking to be introduced back into my culture of the turning tables in a restaurant environment. Also the quiet that surrounds you while dining or even at the airport. Everyone seems to be on their phones interacting with someone else besides the person across the table or next to them. That is a culture shock as well. But I’m sure we’ll adjust and follow the trend. During the last month of our new life on Guam we found a place to live and adopted a little dog named Honey.10301929_244997072377423_5948521506747693715_n
We’ve enjoyed hearing stories from my husband who made a trip to San Diego and Honolulu, HI. David even went by the house that my son Mayer spent the first year of his life in while living in Hawaii.10522454_249962661880864_9034433921317575402_n
I thought that was really neat that he got to reminisce. We are looking forward to some upcoming trips back to our son’s birthplace of Honolulu. Along with getting settled, my son has made friends and had a a fantastic few nights at VBS with Christ’s Bible Fellowship. He’s also practiced fighting the current at Tarza Waterpark.
He really wants to keep practicing his surfing skills he learned in the last few weeks of living in Portugal. I found out there is surfing at Rick’s Reef, we’ll have to check it out along with the simulated waves at Onward Beach Resort and Water park. Unfortunately, the waves break against the reef here on Guam so the surfing close to the shoreline seem to be absent at this point in time, but there is lots of snorkeling.10561811_249958771881253_2344508081809865972_n
We’ve been here a month and haven’t seen a brown snake. Those horrible stories you read online about all the snakes. I’m wondering when we’ll see one. Maybe when we go on a hike??? Now there are these cylinder like cages placed along some fences. There is a mouse inside at the top. It’s a trap for the brown snakes. I’ll blog and take photos of them at a later time but until then a few photos of the locals. You have a carabou we saw grazing on the side of the road.1910266_672073216212871_2229637921686313778_n
And a toad my son was soooo excited to find. 10491107_238661049677692_1331104275338085173_n
We’ve learned from the kids on the block to be careful which ones you pick up. Some of the amphibians are poisonous so you have to wear gloves. Along with meeting new people and enjoying down time with my son this summer. I’ve accepted and signed a contract for my book The Chopped Gem with a publisher out of Cambridge, England. They broke down the publication process for me and it will be a few months before it’s published but once produced, it will be available to purchase on this site, at www.thechoppedgem.com, in my salon, through Barnes&Noble, AmazonAmazon UK, Waterstones, Foyles and a few retail outlets in the UK.
The month has been very active. Besides my husband traveling and settling into his new job, we’ve moved, unpacked, celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary, hit the beach and done lots of snorkeling and exploring. Oh we also prepared for a huge storm that dodged the island the night of our anniversary.10462993_10203374054444921_3262314294395255316_n
Thankfully, the night before she was going to hit we were blessed with a sunset that I believe scared it away. From what we understand it’s been over a decade since a major storm has hit the island. Another one bit the dust and dodged Guam. Thank God.10500506_10203378337351991_2805882860745624406_n
 I’ve been in Guam a month and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m ready to head out into the unknown. You’d think visiting over 30 countries and 49 states and listening to all my past complaining that I’m tired, tired of moving, setting up, living out of suitcases and of travelling I’d be in rest mode. Nope, I’m ready to go…… I really love it here so far but I’ve realized travelling is a huge part of me. When you have to wait to explore, while on summer break, it makes you want to get away even more. Where will we fly away to next? Australia is the plan. Until we fly away again, we’ll enjoy the beauty, peace and embrace the pace the island of Guam has to offer…..Picture1

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