Hollywood in Portugal

546913_368845409868988_28464627_nBond, James Bond…. Forty something years ago a scene from the 1969 movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, starring George Lazenby as James Bond, was shot less than five minutes from our home at Guincho Beach.285447_350321031721426_557540216_n
 Guincho Beach is surrounded by a gorgeous rocky shoreline.551680_350321065054756_2129797479_n
You can see the farthest western point in Europe, called Cabo da Roca, from this area.540116_350320485054814_881073402_n
Watch the sunset, surfers surf, storms come in, fishermen fish,247790_368845463202316_526105497_n
rainbows light up the sky with color,32431_368845233202339_285168885_n
and movie production companies repeat the same scene, take after take.561901_368845553202307_1827143580_n
I generally walk along this area every morning after my son goes off to school. It is an area where my mind is cleansed and my soul is revived.427813_368845916535604_2102787205_n
Many times I’ve come upon one film crew after another hard at work. Cars zoom down this coastal highway, with cameras attached to the hoods of their cars. Police men with walkie-talkies holding back traffic so scene after scene could be shot. Today I share with you just a few pictures of one of my favorite places in Portugal. This area along the Estoril Coast is where the ones who work behind the scenes, make what we we see on the big screen, come to life.
Welcome to my Hollywood in Portugal! GPS coordinates to this lovely area: 38.729849,-9.471852545265_368845479868981_589698418_n

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