Highway to Heaven

Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long…..
A song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers played in my head as we’re rolling and twisting our way along the Marginal one sunny Sunday afternoon here in Portugal. After we’d hit the pew that morning, we buckled up and got our motor running. With the pavement under our wheels, rain clouds passing through, bringing forth the beauty of the bright blue sky above-it was a perfect day to take a drive along the coast, through all these cities and all these towns…..From Cascais through Oeiras and into the heart of Lisbon our goal for the day; have lunch, take some photos and rest from the daily grind of life.
 We’d dropped off our camera to be cleaned by a professional in late February. On our way to the camera shop in Lisbon, a view of what seemed like “highway to heaven” flashed in my side view mirror. I did a double take and said out loud to my family, “Before we leave, living in Portugal, remind me to come back and take a photo of that row of colorful homes, with the April 25th bridge and Christ the Redeemer.”
Life along my highway to heaven seems to be a construction zone filled with realism and road signs leading in and out of dreams. Travelling along a tollway that will eventually take us all out of this dog-eat-dog world to stand before the pearly gates.

Today I share with you a little bit of a carefree-heavenly day on earth.
 As I made my way down a steep street, taking a few shots of what my eyes had seen last month-the fabric softener from the laundry that hung below danced in the breeze, a cute little canine barked out the window letting the ones below his home know who was in charge around this pit stop.
Churrasco chicken being cooked above our heads permeated from many kitchens throughout Lisbon. You could almost taste it coming through the sunroof we had opened in our car.
As we drove and bounced off the cobblestone road our bellies began to rumble. Our little car blended and molded into the compact streets.
Oh a beautiful flash back of the small towns in Italy came to my mind, {minus the buzz and dodging of Vespa Scooters.}
 The sidewalk comes to an abrupt end veering us into two local Portuguese men who are sitting along the street engaged in a stop and chat.
 My husband had one thing in the back of his mind he wanted to find on my little highway to heaven journey, before we stopped and filled ourselves full of fish. After hitting some one way streets we finally found her, Fábrica Viúva Lamego. She is the place if you’re looking for authentic Portuguese tiles. We were only window shopping as we gazed upon the gorgeous colored tiles that framed her building.
Lisbon is a city whose language is found spoken on the walls, whether it be through tiles created by artists or graffiti from kids who are bored with the day; they’ve found a way to express how they see beauty along concrete or sterile dilapidated walls that are absent of color. As you can see from the photo below some of the graffiti artists have painted murals that are so beautiful as they tastefully leave behind a piece of how they see heaven on this highway of life.
I will wrap up my time behind the screen today. The moments along this highway of life can be heavenly at times. Spontaneous exploring and living are two of my favorite things that make up my life. The colors of the world that surround you and me; the simplicity of a cool breeze can’t be bought only enjoyed with our time here on earth.

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