Hello Mr. Brown


After almost two years of living on the island of Guam, we FINALLY saw our first, non-caged brown tree snake. This blog is going to be short and to the point. Saying hello and good-bye to Mr. Brown is all I want to do with him. I don’t want to snuggle with him. I don’t want him wrapping around my neck or playing with my dog. People don’t like these snakes on the island of Guam. They’ve killed off the island’s native species of birds. Here on the island you will find that the military installations, have round cylinder cages attached along the wire fences.DSC_2998 (1024x678)

There is a mouse at the top of the cage. The mouse lures the brown tree snake into the cage. Then it is trapped and can’t get out. Here is an article that explains more about what is taking place to get rid of this pest. Click here.DSC_2979 (1024x678)

Last night, while my husband was taking our little dog Honey, out for a walk, he came across one in the wild. Well, it was slinking its way on the concrete. Not sure how wild that it is but we live in a jungle. A jungle within a concrete jungle….20160302_202433

My husband ran back up to our house, opened the door and yelled, “Wife, bring your camera!”20160302_202425

I knew it was important, so I grabbed my phone with my camera, not the “camera” and ran down our street and stopped at the corner of Mt. Alutom and Apra View and witnessed the little booger in action.20160302_203210

Of course, I had to come home and upload some photos to Instagram and Facebook. I never knew I had so many friends who believed in murder. Well, it is okay to murder snakes, I guess?  I needed to make sure, I had a license to kill before I murdered this pest. I have a few friends who could get all crazy on me while many others would be wanting to give me a high five. Mr. Brown wasn’t on the menu for dinner and this guy lived to breath another day. Maybe? The others that passed by taking photos beat us to the punch to report a snake, on Guam.  Hello, Mr. Brown.20160302_202713

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