Great Outdoors

DSC_7591What do you like to do to refresh?DSC_7806
For me it is being in nature. I absolutely love the different geographical landscapes on Earth. From the desert to the forest, everything about the natural world fascinates me. Two years ago my friend Suzanne came to visit us here in Portugal. During her visit we did A LOT of exploring. It was wonderful!DSC_7646
One of the places we explored, I fell in love with; it’s called the Park and Palace of Monserrate.DSC_7580
While we were there, a film crew was outside and in the library filming a movie. It was cool to be on location while a little bit of action was taking place.36595_368450923241770_1187134810_n
I am really enamored by this site. Not by the Portuguese Romanticism in the architectural design,DSC_7587
or the fact that is was a location for a movie,522962_368451286575067_280846614_n
but I am enamored by the great outdoors that encompass it.544958_368447709908758_1641119087_n
There are over 3,000 species of plants from all over the world here. From a Mexican garden to a rose garden the beauty of nature steals the show.DSC_7689
I could visit the park every day. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. I’ve seen this one woman with her notebook looking off into the distance, writing almost every time I have visited.DSC_7782
It’s a perfect place to refresh, rejuvenate and be still as you sit and watch dragonflies vibrate in the air above frogs on the lilly pads. The frogs croak back and forth to one another filling the air with a funny song.DSC_7634
The palace lawn is an ideal place to kick off your shoes, throw down a blanket and be one with nature.DSC_7764
A few weeks ago, my boys finally joined me here. I missed the snake they saw, that was okay, but they sure were excited. I was kicking myself that I didn’t bring the camera that day. I thought, I’ve been here before, we have plenty of photos. I need a break from taking photos all the time.69127_368450669908462_1600026371_n
Well, I didn’t take into consideration that Spring time was in full bloom or that I never made it down to the kitchen of the palace on a previous visit. “Hey, Suzi,” if for some reason you’re reading this the kitchen is for you. I can’t believe we missed it. Maybe it was closed.DSC_7598
A few days after this visit, which was around the first of May, I can’t remember the exact date, I had an excuse to return.DSC_7707
You do have to pay to get into the park and palace but I told the attendant that I didn’t have my camera on the visit with my husband and son. We are a family that currently is Smart phone, iPhone and Blackberry free, so I couldn’t take photos. Different day to explain why we haven’t upgraded our telecommunication devices. But I still had the ticket with me and he let me go in for free without paying!! SCORE!DSC_7573
Now, if you’re wondering how to purchase tickets to this palace or any of the historic Sintra sites, click here it will give you information on opening times and ticket information. Okay I will go for now. Nature is calling my name, I’m off to the Great Outdoors.DSC_7569

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