Going for Gold

DSC_3685Visiting the birthplace of the modern day Olympics, in Athens, Greece has led to mental invigoration. Tap, tap, tap-dancing on the keyboard I go. I’m marathon blogging about Greece so I can get to back to working towards my final goal of writing my 1st YA novel!
Like a time clock clicks down to the Olympic Games, my time clock is ticking along with it. I told myself I would complete my 2nd manuscript by the time we move out of Europe. A little over nine months is left and I need to put my training onto paper and finish the book. I am BEYOND inspired! Hitting a wall is no option and I must run harder, bearing through the aches and pains. DSC_3559
Visiting all the countries that are mentioned in my manuscript is like gulping a GU Gel pack during a marathon. Some of the countries have given me fuel and have inspired me. Frankly, I really would be just fine here in Portugal, if we weren’t able to make it into another country in the next nine months. {I’m only saying that because I have a goal to complete and this photo taking, blogging thing takes up my creative time.} But I am married to a travelling Olympian, who has a bigger goal and more to see.DSC_3562
Finishing the manuscript is like running a race and receiving a prize for achieving the goal, be it first place or last. To touch places that I’ve already written about has me whipping my manuscript up to the sky and smiling up to the heavens above.DSC_3646
Again, I’ve talked about a few of my goals, a couple of times here. I completed a manuscript back in 2010. Now it is just a book of poems but with a twist and it is currently having a new template and book cover designed by Claribel Severson with www.onelonesheep.com.  Thanks to my very supportive husband telling me I need to get it published,DSC_3566
my editor Elizabeth Barnes for cleaning up my grammar and being real with me, and my designer Claribel Severson I feel the time is right to stop sitting on the sidelines, get in the race, cross the finish line and go for the gold.DSC_3658
The go for the gold and attaining an ISBN and having it published should happen by the end of the year. It will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and also available for Kindle downloads. Today I am going for the gold with people, places and things. I am reliving moments from Athens, Greece. First stop on the going for the gold tour, we’ll view this fabulous Grecian goddess. DSC_3366She was keeping the crowds around the Parthenon in check. You aren’t just mesmerized by her golden beauty and sense of style but the way she cracks her vocal whip, when people are touching the marble, will have you moving your chariot past her a little bit faster…. DO NOT TOUCH the MARBLE!DSC_3242The Hollywood Elite get to dress up for the Golden Globes, so while in Greece, pretend you’re a Grecian goddess from a time period-walking the red carpet. You will totally be golden and fit into the scenery.DSC_3347
This man in his “golden” years was toting a modern gadget and was going for the gold with his Fedora and Crocks. Now that is how a tourist should really explore, in style and comfort. Sometimes I really wish Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure would happen in real life. How funny to see people who achieved gold in their eyes transported into the future, only to realize gold has changed so much…..Racing towards more gold we will find a fashion that is not for everyone but is very eye catching. He made me smile!DSC_3722We didn’t make it to the birthplace of the Ancient Olympics, that were held in the sanctuary of Zeus, located in Olympia Greece, but we did go for the silver and we made it to the birthplace of the modern day Olympics or the Games of the I Olympiad. Welcome to the Panathenaic Stadium!DSC_3660Check it out, I snapped a shot with only my boys front and off center, through the lens. Whoop-whoop……Oh yes, go for the gold!DSC_3675Seriously, couldn’t believe it and although it sounds like I am, gloating or boasting, I should change my tone because the attitudes were not so golden. It was soooo hot and we were ready to cool off. My poser was done with photos. Hey Mayer, it is not every day you get to stand where the modern day Olympics started. What if you decide you want to play tennis your entire life? You do know that you could be an Olympian if you put your mind to it? Don’t you want your photo taken with your dad who has won the gold in Olympic travelling???? I was also scooting sideways, with my camera trying not to get this man in the shot, telling the boys to move as I was moving……..Shouting, “Husband make love to the camera, Mayer please smile!!!!!” At least my husband gave me a little love but my poor Mayer looked miserable. This site was TOTALLY opposite of the Acropolis, but I will get to all that towards the end of my blogging marathon, this week. I end today’s 5K with my bronze, silver and gold medals! Bronze medal goes to the street shopping.
The silver medal goes to a game of dominoes, in the parking lot. I wonder if our kids or grand kids will take on this old school approach in the future?DSC_5653And my gold medal goes to these two words that were spray painted on a building next to an apartment. We didn’t just see those words there, but in various places throughout Athens. Wake Up!DSC_3054
 The Grecian Empire and the Roman Empire were mighty powerful and laid the foundation to how the modern world operates. Creative geniuses, Intellectuals, Artists, the list could go on……The sign made me think about  them and Waking Up? What wakes us up? What wakes us to go for the gold? How do we instill going for the gold in our children? How do we tell them to stand up for what is right when they could be surrounded by people who want to take the gold they’ve worked for away from them? I am sure an Olympian who has trained and earned their gold medal wouldn’t be too happy having their medal stripped from them and given to the other guy because he tried just as hard but was truly 2nd place. Let’s share gold medals!!! When the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia start in 2014, there will be spectators cheering on their country. People rooting for their motherlands to take home the gold. Many athletes will get sponsorships by big corporations, making more money because they brought it during the Olympics.DSC_3654
 The dreamer busts his or her butt to accomplish a dream, to go for the gold, only to pay more in the end once he has become golden. It doesn’t make sense. But that is the way this golden world works. My brain will be taxed once it is delivered onto paper and published. Money will be taken because of an idea. It is okay. I don’t mind sharing, people who spend their lives teaching, defending their motherland and working to take care of the land, need to be paid somehow. That is through taxes. I wish many would wake up and realize that to go for the gold, it takes work and if you have to do a job you don’t like to make ends meet, you just do it until your dream job comes along. The Olympic Games, come every two years and life changes every day. It’s waking up to gold. Not gold that makes you rich, but golden moments that make life rich. That is what Greece did for me!DSC_3678

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