DSC_6512 copyWhen you stand along Omaha Beach, in one part of a region, where thousands of Allied and German troops were killed, wounded or went missing during the Battle of Normandy, living life comes to a stand still.DSC_6611 copy
Sadness creeps in and a deep appreciation for the ones who gave their life, to fight for future generations, is all so ever present.DSC_6517
Today, as an American, I stop and thank the Veterans who gave their lives so that I am able to have freedom to live as I choose.DSC_6493 copy
Just a few photos today of our journey through a place where life and death are pressed together in Normandy, France. Happy Memorial Day!DSC_6469429166_399455850141277_1521047296_nDSC_6547DSC_6489DSC_6583DSC_6570 copyDSC_6526 copyDSC_6630DSC_6557 copy

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