Fort Time

One month ago today, we arrived in Italy.
I can’t believe it has been a month.
We have been living out of suitcases since November 8, 2010.
3+ months now…WOW!
We are sick of the same clothes, so today we went shopping and added
some new items to our wardrobe.
   I found this cute shower curtain online at Amazon, but it is through Target so they won’t ship it. We thought it would go great in a bathroom, in the Villa, we sign a lease on this Thursday the 17th.
Yes, the villa we have been praying that would be the right fit for our family, passed inspection last week.
After the utilities are hooked up we can move in!!!!
That will take another level of coordination after the lease is signed.
We will be out of the one room hotel hopefully soon.
Forts are a must with little boys and I think our little boy is ready for a real fort in his own room.
Who wouldn’t be over sharing a fort in a room with their folks?

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