Fifteen Minutes

10314032_1236504259712117_4724556721187272731_nAs an introverted extrovert, I was a little confused on how to feel when one of my favorite clients came to me and told me they wrote to Stars and Stripes about me. What? You did what? A few weeks ago I received an email from Chris Carlson the Publishing Manager with Stars and Stripes in regards to doing an interview. I thought, oh, okay about what? Wait, I don’t have to show up anywhere, right? In the end the questions didn’t seem that hard, so why not? Over the years I’ve gone from being an extrovert and have become really introverted. I probably should get over that if I am going to do any book signings. I have avoided any kind of marketing that has put me front and center with humans except through my in-home salon. I mean you can advertise through social media,so why do you need me in person? I love the one on one relationships I have with my clients who sit in my chair. I mean, they come to my one chair shop and I don’t have to deal with drama that can permeate from a big salon atmosphere. It’s just me and the lady in my chair. We can talk about anything without any other human ears listening. I turn on my swing, jazz, 80’s, 90’s or rock and work away in a peaceful environment. I prefer peace in my shop and only drama in my hair. So when I was asked to do an interview about the story line and creation process of my book and advice to other military spouses running a business, I thought, okay that’s not too bad. It is all behind the screen related. Maybe one day I’ll emerge more from my introversion but I like where I live and how I am. Thank you Stars and Stripes Guam, Japan, Okinawa and Korea for fifteen minutes of spotlighting this old girl from Oklahoma. They did a four page spread with photos on my book, salon and being a military spouse. They used the photo from my Eat, Pray, Love moment in Naples, Italy. You know when Julia Roberts goes and has pizza in that movie. Well, her photo still hangs in the L’Antica Pizzeria da Michelle in Naples. You can’t see her on the front page photo behind me but she’s somewhere back there. Do you want to see what they asked me? Visit for the March 4th weekly stripes interview. I didn’t realize I was that influential but one of my clients was proud of me and wanted a little part of the world to know.

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