Fertile Myrtle

I may not be a fertile myrtle but I know of a town that can boast that they have the most fertile soil in Portugal, Tomar Portugal.1017692_485935254826669_2071132447_n
She was born under the walls of the Convento de Cristo and in the 15th century was extremely important.1044279_485934161493445_428091165_n
Henry the Navigator, the Grand Master of the Order of Christ was sharing and living it up here. While Tomar was in the center of the Portuguese expansion, my Cherokee ancestors were living in tepees and hunting game in America before it was discovered by Christopher Columbus.1044760_485934941493367_1968199301_n
Today, I will pause and share with you a few photos from a past weekend exploration into Tomar, Portugal.994501_485935391493322_2095278808_n
Tomar is another place in Portugal that is filled with age old beauty.1044215_485934041493457_861257861_n
We came to explore the Convent of Christ.1043971_485934404826754_1278101007_n
But there are a few other places to explore, like the Castelo de Tomar and the Church of Santa Maria do Olival.993022_485935804826614_543661424_n
But after thoroughly exploring the Convent of Christ we decided to not kill our kid with more history but enjoy a bit of fertile myrtle’s vegetation that is thriving all around.1004618_485935458159982_1071651797_n
1003853_485935841493277_388678607_nNot only is Tomar’s soil fertile and the town pleasing to the eyes,1005166_485935751493286_907942782_n
she is filed with a few “fast food” vendors that sell fresh produce, bread and honey that come directly from her fertile soil. 1005751_485935181493343_1870022567_n
A nutritious snack sold by local farmers, that gave us some pep to our step as we fueled up for another adventure. Sometimes you just don’t feel like sitting and dining but there are plenty of options in Tomar. Are you visiting Lisbon, Portugal? If so, Tomar is located about an hour and half north of Lisbon. Another town within this power house country of things to see and do that I suggest checking out. See you tomorrow, from another favorite weekend destination where port wine is grown exclusively in the Douro Valley.   1011300_485935231493338_1056756729_n

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