DSC_8928Four countries in two weeks and one mind to unload it all on this website. I had plans to continue moving forward in the world of discovery, but was distracted and went off course on what I wanted to do in the blogging world today. I have many photos, destinations to share and thoughts to set free from Prague today. Well, it’s not really headed in the direction I intended. DSC_9027Today, my Facebook news feed was all about “the film”. A flash went off and my shiny object syndrome took over. I spent too much time watching “the film” or “the films”. It’s hard to believe Facebook has been around for ten years. A lot happens in one year let alone ten.DSC_8898
My husband and I were joking before he left for work about this film or the films we were scrolling past. We hadn’t watched one yet. We were laughing, because we were like you see posts every day by people; what’s a movie of your life going to disclose that we haven’t already seen. Hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month or year by year you can tune in at any time to see what is going on with your FB family on your news feed. If we hadn’t plugged in for the day, we all can just click the face on the name of the person we want to catch up on.DSC_8879
 After watching film after film of many family, friends, acquaintances and a few past hair clients; I caved. I watched what Facebook put together for my profile. They fit a lot in, in little over a minute. After watching my little film, I decided to share my little 1:02 clip of the last five years of my life on Facebook.IMG_0148
In watching the film, I thought about life on planet earth. Lessons we learn. Who we are. What we dream and where we’ve explored. How our discovering of each day can be so different but very much alike. Our friends, some of them are a reflection of ourselves.DSC_8789
 I teared up watching several of my friends little films. People who’ve been a true part of my life over the years. In some of my relationships with them, time has drifted by, without talking or seeing each other for years. But I know the moment we reunite we are like little children, pushing our bubble wand into the container of bubbles, then bringing it out into the open, blowing out story after story of our time away from one another. We always seem to pick up where we left off.  DSC_9254
As I watched many of the films I thought about “the life” movie after we leave earth. All the moments we’ve loved people, been upset with people, made mistakes and learned lessons. The painting that doesn’t hang on a Facebook wall. The sketch that God has watched every waking moment of, our free will moments. The movie where the body decomposes on earth and the soul goes on to the other side.DSC_9418
That’s what living is about. Writing our own journey. Being sculpted by the people who come in and out of our exploration. Washing away the bad memories, the things we can’t control. Creating new dreams each day. Inspiring others expecting nothing in return. Fulfilling dreams that bring smiles to our faces and others. Saying good-bye to toxic people and moments that bring us down and can inhibit us from the plans God has for us. We can choose to live in sorrow or choose to live life abundantly. When we choose abundance over sorrow, a life of living happens.DSC_9310
  Living as we discover the twists and turns, hitting forks in the road that can turn us upside down then right side up. DSC_9073
 I had planned on writing about the Czech Republic today. I was going to share GPS coordinates, the names of sites that may help the random traveler or tourist that hit this site. I went a little off course. It’s nothing new in my world. But all the photos come from Prague on this blog. So I will end with a few places that we explored, where we watched people dream and what we discovered.DSC_8886
We explored Petrin Hill. We took the funicular to the top of the hill, climbed up the Petrin Tower, which is similar to the Eiffel Tower, just smaller, and overlooked the city of Prague.DSC_8756
While up at the top of Petrin Hill we chose to entertain ourselves in the maze of mirrors. Going from mirror to mirror, discovering how different we looked in each one.  DSC_8808
While at the top of Petrin Hill we decided to stop for lunch.DSC_8840
While stopping, we noticed the group of men on the right side of the photo above. They had explored an area and dug up a time capsule. We sat on the bench behind them watching them unlock the tin can. It was exciting to see what was going to be brought out. Was it gold that a family left behind? Or a key to a secret destination?DSC_8843
As the family, was smiling and laughing, looking back at us talking to us in Czech, watching us take photos-they were filled with excitement to see what they were going to discover.DSC_8855
It wasn’t gold or a key to a secret destination. It was filled with an assortment of tiny little bottles filled with spirits. They laughed, shook their heads and carried on. We made our way down from Petrin Hill and over to the Charles Bridge.DSC_9358
Here you’ll find thirty statues along with artists, magicians, and musicians. But what intrigued me the most were the ones who were standing in line to place their hands on the statues.DSC_9370
The brass was exposed on multiple statues from all the laying of hands on them. Dreaming of answered prayers or making a wish hoping it would come true.DSC_9451DSC_9459
To wrap up this blog, we will end with our discovery of the John Lennon Wall. Statements that encourage you to live life in the light, to explore, dream and discover.

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