Everything is Awesome

DSC_7262Everything is Awesome….DSC_7478
Everything is cool when you’re part of a team….DSC_7293
Everything is Awesome when we’re living our dream.DSC_7339
Oh my, the lyrics from a song that is part of the Lego Movie will not leave my head. Since we don’t live in America we are a little behind in viewing some movies. I am sure this song is old to many of my friends who have kids. It’s a song that really gets stuck in your head and will not leave. We try every night after dinner to sit down and watch a family movie. If we don’t finish it before the Sandman calls my son off to dreamland, we wrap it up the next night.DSC_7326
Well, this week we kicked off family movie night with the Lego Movie. Not only are the lyrics from that movie stuck in my head today, I am mentally stuck in an “AWESOME ZONE” from the past. We attended this awesome event a few weeks ago, in Lisbon Portugal called Campo Pequeno  Lego Fan Event 2014.DSC_7531
What is Campo Pequeno? Campo Pequeno is a bull fighting ring located in Lisbon, Portugal that was built between 1890-1892.DSC_7447
Now unlike Portugal’s neighbor, Spain, the Matador does not kill the bull at the end of the fight. Why? Miguel I of Portugal considered it inhumane. Now the Campo Pequeno hosts weekly bull fighting on Thursday nights from May-September. For information and pricing click here.DSC_7532
Below the Campo Pequeno building, there are plenty of places to shop, along with a full parking garage and an array of restaurants all around it. So if bull fighting isn’t your idea of a good time, and there isn’t an awesome event taking place, you can enjoy shopping and the square without even needing a reason.DSC_7509
Today I share with you our reason to explore Campo Pequeno where everything was awesome on our visit.DSC_7275
Master Lego Builders created all kinds of structures at Lego Event 2014.DSC_7358
From Star Wars creations,DSC_7425
DSC_7414DSC_7439to Woody from Toy Story,DSC_7476
Campo Pequeno was full of re-creations from many who’ve believed and dreamed. The ones who’ve imagined a movie and put dreams into action.DSC_7377
Many who’ve designed architectural master pieces on paper and built them on land.DSC_7379
This event was unreal and had children young and old mesmerized. Build it and they will come, certainly buzzed through my head while in this building.DSC_7472
At this Lego Event they had almost every kind of mini-figure you could possibly think of to purchase.DSC_7498
DSC_7496If they didn’t you could buy pieces to build your own or get ideas on how to store the ones your children do have at home.DSC_7486
Watching the Lego Movie this week has me inspired. The message in the movie behind the cartoon is really surreal.DSC_7334
Believe that you are called to do something great. Or use your imagination to help you escape what you don’t like in life.DSC_7428
One idea may sound odd and strange to one person, but is brilliant to another. Watching this movie and attending Campo Pequeno Lego Event 2014 has me agreeing that there is truth in those lyrics.DSC_7356
Everything is Awesome, everything is Awesome when we’re living our dream. This event proved that so much comes from dreams, just use your imagination and create it. Cheers to Taco Tuesday, that’s what we’re getting crazy with tonight for dinner, after all it is Tuesday!DSC_7524

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