Have you ever had a time in your life where you just feel helpless?
You can’t do anything to make a situation better. There is nothing you feel you could say or do. Especially, when you are an ocean and country away from an eruption that took place. After an afternoon of hiking Mt. Vesuvius on Sunday, we came home to news that literally chopped us in half. My stomach was torn apart, my skin rippled with goose bumps and then I burst into tears. This eruption that took place brought on a feeling of helplessness.
My husband David and I were totally shocked by the news we read.
Our very first “real” friends, as a couple, that we met when we lived in Denver, Colorado back in 1999 were JJ and Melissa Patti.
They, along with their daughter Kennedy, lived across the hallway at our apartment complex. We would leave our doors open so Kenner’s could run back and forth. We have so many memories with this family that I would be here all day writing, going through emotions that I am not able to do right now. They were a huge part of our lives during the six years we lived in Colorado.
There’re good and bad things about social networking.
This evening, a bad social network message came across the screen.
God Bless you Melissa, Kennedy and Little JJ. I can’t imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find out that I lost my husband and father to my children.
Melissa posted a Facebook a message to all her friends and family, below is the following message.
I sit here speachless, no words at all, heart broken not only for myself but my babies my dear mother-in-law my sister and brothers , family friends and literally a world he touched through his travels. A smile that lit up a room, a laugh that still rings in my ears. I am so thankful for the out pouring of love and support from a community JJ and I are so proud to be from. 
I love you JJ!
JJ Patti fell asleep at the wheel on July 16th and hit a utility pole.
He died instantly. He was only 34 years old.
According to
JJ  was in the town of Pueblo, Colorado, to play in the Italian Invitational this weekend, at Elmwood and Walkingstick golf courses.
Today, coming home from our hike, I was thinking about what a surprise it must have been when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. and buried the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. There was no warning that this event was going to take place. I was thinking how distant friends and family that survived must have felt so helpless. They couldn’t do anything. Then I read this news tonight.
As I sit here, thousands of miles away, a veil of helplessness covers me.
I am not able to hug my friend Melissa. She has meant so much to me over the years.
May the Lord fill you with power and strength Mel to get through this horrific, life altering time. May your children always know their dad through you and the memories you made while living out this journey on Earth.

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