Emerald Isle

20160522_111743I hate that sometimes I wait til the last minute to do things. Here we are a week away from departing the island of Guam and I finally hiked down to this gorgeous emerald water last weekend with my boys.20160522_105701
Yes, I’ve said I hate hiking through the jungle in a past blog but I knew if I didn’t do this hike called Spanish Steps, I would be really mad at myself. Now, I just wish I’d done it sooner. 20160522_115434
The path to the bottom of this sparkling lagoon is so clear you can see your feet on the bottom next to the soft live coral. It’s a perfect place to snorkel and see all kinds of different fish.20160522_113245
You just have to hold onto some ropes to get yourself down and pull yourself up when it is time to go.20160522_105105
This stroll through the jungle has been my favorite, by far, while living on Guam.20160522_105201
I scored with a family photo too!20160522_111355
Two weekends in a row! You’d think taking a family selfie in this day and age would be easy but my boys can be a bit stubborn, well I guess I can be too, so getting us all to smile for the camera is a challenging task. 20160522_110445
Another item on our bucket list checked.20160522_114509
Welcome to the Emerald Isle.20160522_114056

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