Earth, Wind, Fire and Water…

When we were researching things to do in Budapest, Hungary we came across thermal baths. Thermal baths?? Budapest Hungary has thermal baths?? I think the earth moved under me, lit my fire and blew me away to heaven when I read this. Visiting a thermal bath in Hungary is a very popular thing to do. If you have children you need to do your research on what baths allow children, where they allow children or if they allow children. I came across a therapeutic dream where the heat from the earth meets water.
We really wanted to visit the Széchenyi Medicinal Bath.

What is the Széchenyi Medicinal Bath?
It is the largest thermal medicinal bath in Europe. It was built in 1913. The water that makes up the baths are supplied by two thermal springs that have super hot water flowing into their pools { 165 °F and 171 °F}.
We did visit it as we walked through the city park located on the “pest” side of the capital.
As we made our way inside, I was able to take photos of a place where I dreamed of drenching my inner fire. Peering through the glass windows, as I stood in the cafe, onward to one of the outdoor pools I was window shopping, wishing and dreaming that I could spend a day in all of the amazing treatment rooms and pools that are located on these grounds.

We walked along the park and around to the main entrance but before entering the main doors of the Széchenyi Baths

we stopped and watched a fountain spewing hot thermal water from its spout.
75° Celsius!!!!! You can see the sulfurous water changing the color of the fountain out in the park.

The beauty of fantasizing gives you something to dream about and hope and pray that one day that dream will come true.

It was over the Thanksgiving holiday that the wind blew us over to Hungary. Instead of spending the day at the Széchenyi Medicinal Bath we opted to put our fires out with some water at Budapest Aqua World. The needs of my son come first and my fantasy of dipping in the Széchenyi will remain just that, a fantasy. Mayer, my son, has done soooo much site seeing with us over the last few years and I thought we need to go somewhere for our Thanksgiving holiday where he can have a “kid” kind of a good time. A place where he can scream as loud as he wants as he’s slipping down a slide. Or laugh as loud as he can as the various jets spread throughout the park tickle his back.

Instead of visiting a thermal pool that is geared for adults,{no slides, throwing balls and being loud} we opted to spend a day here.
It is about twenty minutes from the 7 Seasons Apartments Budapest we chose to stay in. The apartment we chose is located in the center of Budapest not far from the metro and major sites. The apartment staff were really kind and helpful. They send you a van to pick you up and to take you back to the airport. They also arranged for us a cab to take us out to Aquaworld. There are multiple cabs resting in front of the Ramada Aquaworld to help you with your return to the city or if you’re staying at the resort you can take the “FREE” shuttle bus into the city.
We originally had our time booked at the Ramada Resort Aquaworld but decided to change our stay to an apartment in the center. We were happy we made that choice in the end. Aquaworld certainly has it going on.

outdoor pools,

a lazy river,

along with a little kids pool, a few jacuzzi pools and
a wave pool. You can also enter a hamster ball. Our son had a wonderful time floating and rolling around on top of the water.

If you have children and you’re looking for something fun for them, while in Hungary, a trip to Aquaworld is worth the visit. After a full day in the water we were dragging our pruned up son out of the pool.

When you enter Aquaworld you receive a wrist band. It allows you to zap yourself lunch, drinks or snacks at the cafe and zap yourself into sauna world. At the end of your time-if you utilize the services they offer, you pay when you’re exiting water world. If you’re staying at the hotel you book it to your room.

FANTASTIC!!! No need for cash or debit cards it is an external money chip linked to your body. It was pretty cool and so easy. You don’t have to carry money around. You just lock up your valuables and let it be. It is great that they offer this. You only pay for your entrance fee into the park. It was nice and easy. My boys were up and down slide after slide and were enjoying themselves. Since sunbathing was not an option, I took a mom break and zapped myself into sauna world for 3 hours!!!

What is Sauna World?
It is called heaven on earth, well in my eyes! It is not just any sauna. After you zap yourself in you’ve entered an adult water land filled with all kinds of elements.14 different treatment rooms that range from an infra-red sauna to an ice chamber. It is more than amazing!!! I did not take my camera in, sorry no photos today. We were pleased with the decision we made to visit this facility. My son had the best time with my husband up and down the slides. It was overall a fantastic holiday getaway! I will keep on fantasizing about the water at the Széchenyi Baths. That our walk on earth will someday bring us a 2nd chance to visit her flowing springs of thermal waters. If you don’t have children, I think making a visit to the Széchenyi Baths is a must.
If you have children, the Széchenyi Bath recommends you visit an open air lido.
They suggest, Pools on Margaret Island and Dagaly Lido.
What ever you choose I’m sure your body and soul will thank you!

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