Drink the Kool-Aid

DSC_6612This week I am wrapping up our time spent in the Andalusia region of Spain. The last two cities we spent time in over Spring Break 2014 were, Seville and Granada. Now today photos come from both of these cities, where if one isn’t familiar with the Catholic faith you might wonder if the community and visitors were drinking some kind of laced Kool-Aid?
Men called Nazarenos, who wear hoods in; green,DSC_6645
purple, whiteDSC_5325
and black, DSC_6513
led many processions in front of various pasos throughout Seville and Granada.DSC_4945
 Semena Santa, also known as Holy Week, is filled with many traditions. Thousands of people come together to take part in and watch numerous events the week before Easter, across various locations in Spain.DSC_6656
There are multiple processions with pasos, which are beautiful wooden sculptures, that have Mother Mary depicted as sad and grief stricken.DSC_5354
DSC_5346DSC_6648Or there are pasos that have depictions of Jesus’ last days on earth.
DSC_4947DSC_6591Pasos are carried by costaleros or sack men throughout these cities.DSC_6669
Before they go underneath the 5000 kilogram or 11,000 pound paso, they wrap their backs tightly making sure they have extra support. Lots of team work!DSC_5119
They carry the paso up and down the tight streets. It looks like the paso is moving by itself, until you see feet all covered in black moving it forward underneath.DSC_6679
The sack men come out pouring down with sweat as a loved one greets them with hydration and another sack man is ready to take his spot.DSC_6658
If you’re driving a car and planning a trip to explore Seville and Granada the week before Easter, be prepared for streets that are normally open to be closed after noon each day. It was an incredible experience and one you won’t be able to miss.  DSC_6927

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