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IMG_20160305_175603Ruff-ruff…. We promised our son when we moved back to America we would get him a dog. Well, here we are almost two years later, and I have some time to dig into my hard drive and share some photos on this blog of our little dog Honey, that we adopted almost two years ago. She once was a boonie dog here on Guam. This crazy, loving and hilarious mutt joined our family in July of 2014. Since, Guam is a US territory we followed through with our promise to our son and got him a dog. 20150611_072338
We are getting ready to move off island in a few short weeks. I had hoped to blog more about our life while living on Guam and I may finally get to it at some point. I haven’t been able to keep up with the speed our life is cruising on. Today, I am taking a moment to share about our Honey girl that is from Guam.20160114_204012
We were told that our spotted little mutt is a terrier of sorts. The ladies at her vet clinic say, she is part Maltese and Shitzu. Whatever she is mixed with, is a perfect combination. When we adopted her they thought she was two years old and that she had already had a litter of puppies. She was found living on the streets so no one knows for sure her age or what she’d been through.IMG_20150827_202509
Now she is almost four and is still the fun, feisty and super lazy dog we’ve fallen in love with.20160430_222200
We’ve given her so many bones and she’s buried them with her imaginary dirt in corners of the room, behind the curtains, in the couch cushions, on a blanket or under the bed. It was fun locating all her bones in the house before shipping our stuff to California.IMG_20151212_192941
She sleeps in the craziest positions and gets super jealous if you snuggle with anyone but her. She’s a flopper. You can’t pet her back without her rolling over to have her belly rubbed. She’ll lick your hand until you do it. She’s a bit bossy and very territorial.20160106_195802
Besides the Guam beer buckets, Honey’s the only thing Made in Guam we are physically taking away from this island life. I’d say she was the best purchase we’ve made while living abroad the past six years!IMG_20151217_175006
 Visit GAIN aka Guam Animals In Need, if you live on the island of Guam and you’re ready to add a new member to your family. There are loads of animals in this doggy dog world that could really use a home. Especially, on the island of Guam.

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