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DSC00093Are you looking for a Hairdresser, a Massage Therapist, Nail Tech, Esthetician or a doctor that can help you feel like a supermodel as you walk your personal runway through life?DSC00001
Well, today is all about turning to the left and turning to the right as we work it out in the world.DSC_8212
I’ve worked with some of the most incredible people in the salon and spa industry over the last decade. I think it’s about time to highlight the ones I love and who make others look and feel like supermodels.525648_281005195319677_1529318237_n
I am going to turn to the left and start in Italy and then work my way back to where I started workin’ it behind the chair, thirteen years ago in Denver, Colorado. First up one of my favorite Irish ladies located in the Campania Region of Italy. Her name is Isobel O’Brien.408071_379846382096818_1583531286_n
She offers a variety of services from massage to aromatherapy. You leave her treatment room feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Do you live north of Naples, Italy? Are you moving into the boot anytime soon? You can contact Isobel at Spa Rituals by Isobel  to make an appointment.DSC_0267
Okay moving from east to west. When we drove a few thousand kilometers and moved from Italy to Portugal, I was really in need of a massage. Guess who came to my rescue? Paula Furtado.5367_10151649278025240_648806057_n
Paula is currently a manager at the BSpa by Karin Herzog in Lisbon, Portugal. If you love the spa life, Paula is the perfect person in this city to direct you to the ones who can help accommodate your needs. Now, since my friend Paula is managing a day spa that is a bit far from my home in Cascais, I’ve started visiting my friends Sonia and Maria at  Spadramatico & Clinic Dermoestética.DSC_8207
They offer spa services but also services that I’ve never, ever, heard of until I saw their machines. They are located in Cascais, Portugal. From Pressotherapy, which is a detoxifying treatment that helps with lymphatic drainage,DSC_8201
to Cryolipolysis, which is a process that destroys fat cells by cooling, they offer the regular kind of day spa treatments to unique ones.DSC_8202
You can also contact Sonia at LadyStudio to see the newest nail trends, get advice or be serviced.DSC_8197
Before I turn to the right and leave Europe, you can find two brilliant surgeons in Portugal, Cristina and Claudio Nogueira at Cirurgia Estética PortugalThey work the entire body from the inside to the outside.1380366_10202061508121216_4586644963788871154_n
I am jumping over the pond now and headed west to my motherland. I’ll stop on the east coast in Lynchburg, VA at ZEN micro spa and salon. Here you’ll find one of my best friends and Spa Director of ZEN micro spa and salon David.320497_2268987816960_656920055_n
His day spa and salon offers everything from facials to hair care. We spent many days workin’ it side by side back in Denver, many years ago. Love you D!DSC00052
 Headed north and just a little over a three hour drive from Lynchburg in the same state, you can find Tam with Heavenly Bodies Clinic.155564_4725682060538_622568532_n
From acupuncture to reflexology Heavenly Bodies Clinic specializes in a holistic approach to health. Tam and the staff can turn you to the left or the right, by assisting you with any pain you might have from all the work you do on your personal runway.DSC00057
  Are you looking for a stylist with lots of personality?
  Let’s head to the west coast of the United States and stop in Portland, Oregon where we’ll find Celeste Broadwater at Matisse and Picasso.DSC00111
You’ll be sashaying your way out of her chair as you chantay yourself back to the working world after a visit with her.577395_281006205319576_851428364_n
Finally, we’ll end in Denver, Colorado. You can find four of my favorite hairdressers here. First, the lovely Jayme Hubbart who owns The Beauty Shop Thornton, located in Thornton, CO.942663_10200560028955199_1811255667_n
Second, Lisa Barrett who is located in Highlands Ranch at Dolce Vita Salon & Spa. You can also contact her at 720-272-1538 for an appointment. She’s the beautiful blonde on the right next to another one of my beautiful lady friends, Diana Ben-KiKi.DSC00129
Diana is an excellent wig maker. You can find her at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts if you know of someone who is in need of a wig or would like to see the work she’s involved in. Now the cute little blonde below is Karen Watson. Karen chops and dyes at 3rd Avenue Studio in Denver.540333_4165003977818_2085015200_n
 Looking for a massage therapist east of the Rocky Mountains? Sara Greenlee is the one to call. She is the owner of Harmony Therapeutics Massage and Bodywork and can fine tune that instrument you play everyday.59689_458053327599033_855617199_n
A few of my favorite workin’ girls in the spa and salon industry. I am done doing my thing today. I’ll be moving onto Guam-a-lama-land, aka Guam, here soon to discover new people who work so hard every day to help us feel good and look great! Work, do your thing……DSC00103
Work, turn to the left, work, now turn to the right. Work, sachey chantay…..Inspiration today comes from the song Supermodel (You Better Work) by RuPaul, Jimmy Harry and Larry Tee

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