Day In Paradise

I think paradise exists wherever your thoughts take you.

You can live in a place where many dream to vacation but if your thoughts
are in negativeville, then you are no longer truly living in paradise.
I remember living in Hawaii a few years ago. I would listen to people complain that they were stuck
on the rock. They were surrounded by water. The fact that they had to fly back to the mainland for creature comforts, that weren’t offered on Oahu, really made them miserable. They had to pay extra for shipping to get things that they truly enjoyed.

When we were getting ready to PCS off the island, the talk of a Target was on its way to the land of aloha. It made many mainlanders ecstatic that a little piece of home would be right around the corner.
When you move with the military loads of things get taken from you.
Your mind is forced to adapt to foreign surroundings or live outside of a mental paradise.
Service is required from the whole entire family and that means services, products, and goods that you may be accustomed to get stripped away. It’s an adjustment for all, beyond materialism.
If you attended a church and trusted your small group with intimate details of your life, you find that little paradise is no more. You live a life forced to continuously step outside of your comfort zone.

A life of the same friends, the same school system for your children, Sunday dinner with family, and having the same church family, doesn’t coincide with a life of service to America.
When you hear you’re so lucky you get to live in paradise, I think quietly in my head, paradise is inside the mind. Circumstances don’t dictate your level of living.
I believe it is okay to get angry, mourn and miss certain things that make our individual lives
beat, but keeping our minds wrapped around what we can’t have doesn’t provide  nourishment
for our souls. Maybe some people, really don’t want to live in paradise, so they keep their thoughts
focused on a garden full of weeds.
Step out, get out to the realm of the unknown.
You might just find more than a day in paradise.

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