Crocodile Rock

DSC_8715A furious ocean. Rocks that plunge into the sea. A furious ocean. Limestone caves. A furious ocean. Wind, wind and more wind. A furious ocean.DSC_9016
Where am I going? Well, I’m taking you into a furious ocean today.  A boat ride along the picturesque coast along the Algarve sounded so ideal.DSC_9163
We really wanted to explore the caves in this region and well, we got our wish. But on waters that would make a person who gets seasick, super queasy in about five seconds. The Algarve is known for some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world.DSC_9147
But when you are suited up in orange life vests and have legs you should have shaved two days before that are wrapped around one leg of your husband’s, {because you’re scared you’re going to flop over the side of the boat}, it’s not the way you envisioned the exploration. It’s one trip our family will never forget. But my son thought it was fun.DSC_8934
I mean plunging into waters where there are no crocodiles but only crocodile rocks would be fine if the water wasn’t so fierce. But envisioning going overboard into water that was slapping the side of the boat and the caves all around had me a bit concerned.DSC_8978
The Bengail Cave is what brought us to these choppy waters. We wanted to check out this cave where a hole in the top brings sunshine inside.DSC_9111
Now, it is not the photo I saw on Pinterest that peaked my interest here. But when you’re riding on top of a furious ocean, where you feel like you’re fighting a crocodile you’ll take what you can get.DSC_9046
It was impossible to get out of the boat, stand on the beach and get the photo that I really wanted to get but the ones I captured will do.DSC_9065
I have to give the driver of the boat with Taruga a big hand. He was an excellent driver. We felt many times we were going over but we remained in the hull of the boat with only a spritzing of sea water.DSC_9008
We were surrounded by so many beautiful rock formations,DSC_9181
beaches that are only accessible by boat,DSC_9127
and others who were boarding a ship to head out into the rough seas.DSC_9202
Now, before we decided to embark on this tour, which if you visit the Algarve, I highly suggest you do,  we drove down tiny streets, pulling over to the side waiting for biker, after biker, after biker in yellow safety vests go by.DSC_8742
What in the world are they doing? Well, as we made our way into the parking lot at Praia Albandeira, there was a van along with a man who sent us a salute. He was with the Moto Clube de Albufeira.DSC_8744
We walked past him and made our way to the staircase leading down to the beach and watched those bikers in yellow vests, who are with 16th Portugal de Lés-a-Lés, get a card punched and signed off.DSC_8680
They were on an adventure, stopping in various places by the sea from June 7th to the 9th. They came in hoards to this beach. We walked to the top of the cliff to take in views of the coastline.DSC_8717
While we were up at the top, guess what happened?DSC_8701
That furious ocean took down the inspection team. One minute they were smiling and chatting it up,DSC_8728
and the next minute they were wiped out!!!!DSC_8729
You could hear this biker laughing so hard, rolling around on the sand all the way from the top of the cliff. DSC_8700
Have you been to the Algarve? If so, you know how beautiful it is there. If you visit Portugal, I think the Algarve is definitely worth a trip. Besides the beautiful coast line, there are so many options for children outside of the beach. You have Zoomarine, AqualandSlide & Splash, FIESA and awesome apartment- hotels that gear events to children in the evening. Take for instance a parrot show at the Hotel Alfagar located in Albufeira.DSC_8827
Our son along with kids of all ages got a kick out of the parrots putting on a show there.DSC_8891
DSC_8781On top of all the sites, people speak English everywhere you go. It’s like Portugal combined with Great Britain. I call it Britugal. Oh and last but not least, you can’t miss that crocodile rock……..DSC_9152

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