Chimney Cakes

Since starting the low-carb cycle again I have found that the cravings for sugar have stopped. They always do but it is just making that mental commitment that we will stop eating sugar. Desserts are my husband’s weakness while mine are: bread with olive oil and vinegar, mashed potatoes and homemade mac and cheese. One item that my family equally shares the love for is pretzels, homemade pretzels dipped in mustard.

My husband and I decided we would like to shed the wardrobe we have built over the last few months, before an upcoming trip to Greece this year. We both love food so much, {story of our lives} I adore rich decadent flavors that are usually served on bread or pasta,while my boys love the sweeter the better: candy and gelato. Especially, this white chocolate lavender gelato they consumed from Gelarto Rose in Budapest.

Funny how you can eat fat and protein-next to a salad or veggies and shed weight rather quickly when you cut out all carbs except those from vegetables. We watch the cholesterol drop and cravings for sweets diminish. It is downright crazy that we can consume fat and lose weight. It is the opposite way of thinking that I grew up with. In the late 80’s and 90’s, the low-fat hype became the craze. I am always left unsatisfied and just put back on the weight faster than I burned it off by living in this kind of lifestyle. I end up eating more calories which creates more fat. Low-fat meals generally consist of carbohydrates with hardly any fat and leave me unsatisfied. As I’ve gotten older I realized what works for me and keeps me satisfied when it comes to shedding pounds.

{It is not low-fat, fat-free or counting calories.} inspired me back in 2006 to adopt the low-carb lifestyle, actually to adopt the Atkins way of living. I was desperate to shed the weight I gained while pregnant and the lifestyle she has lived for over a decade reminds me again that Atkins or low-carbing works. I bought her cook books in 2006 and when I fall off the weight loss wagon “attempting” to reach my goal weight, I visit her website for inspiration.
{My goal is not to be her size but she sure does inspire me to hop back on the low-carb wagon.}

When you live a low-carb lifestyle your body goes into ketosis. A natural appetite suppressant is released. Once I get to this point, food no longer becomes something I love. It becomes fuel and not fun anymore. It takes about 120 hours for my body to get there. It is depressing, not depressing for health or the physical sense but depressing for my eyeballs and tongue.

Depressing to watch cooking shows and know I have to eliminate part of the recipe. I hate losing weight, I hate dieting and I hate having to live this way but it keeps my hunger pains satisfied. It is hard to believe that beautiful food goes into the body and is then turned into a substance that is ugly and litters the body.

I have finally stopped lying to myself that I will stay on track while we travel. I take a break from the low-carb lifestyle because of all the new baked goods, different beers and mulled wine we take in while we are traveling.

I also say when we get back home I will get back on track but it takes me a while. When you travel or are moving {for what seems every other month}-getting back on track is just for a blink. It hasn’t been so hard in Portugal to get back on the low-carb way of living. It is easy to eat low-carb when you go to dinner. Cheese, olives, fish, salad and veggies are in abundance.
It was living in Italy for me that was hard.

The pizza and pasta along with the sweets certainly wanted to cling on to my bum.

Since my sweet tooth has been curbed, I can handle the temptation of viewing yummilicious desserts online without going into the kitchen and whipping up something bad for our waistline. I thought I would blow some smoke out of my chimney today and share with you some of the food we enjoyed over our Thanksgiving holiday to Budapest, Hungary. One that my family fell in love with were the Kürtőskalács or Chimney Cakes. The Christmas Markets had just opened while we were in Budapest and these spiraling cakes were in abundance!

What are Kürtőskalács or Chimney Cakes?

It is a cylinder, spiraling pastry that is baked over an open fire

or inside this closed box that has electric coils.

The  Kürtőskalács or Chimney Cake artist, take the yeast raised dough-wrap it around this fat cylinder and then roll it in cinnamon and sugar, the Kürtőskalács continue to spin around until
they are lightly browned and then taken off the wooden cylinder and coated in coconut, almonds, walnuts or just plain cinnamon and sugar.

Kürtőskalács or Chimney Cakes came from Transylvania, Romania but are known for being one of Hungary’s oldest pastries. You can find them in several places beyond the markets. We even saw them being sold at the entrance into the metro along with some street vendors.
If you visit, Hungary it is worth the insulin being raised in your system and yellow substance it may create inside the body. A “moment” on the lips but the walking to all the sites will help with that “forever” on the hips thing.
We love discovering items that you don’t see sold every day and these were a hit! They are perfect to share and kept our inner chimneys filled with energy to keep tackling our hunger pains in Hungary. It was worth the sugar crash at the end of the night to keep our minds off our barking dogs, {aka feet} and our son from getting too bored with all the “old” stuff.

Kürtőskalács or Chimney Cakes hit the spot so make sure you give it a whirl if you visit Eastern Europe! That’s enough smoke blowing today!

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