Bom Dia


Bom Dia from Macau! Isn’t the Lady Buddha statue beautiful up above. It is named Kun Iam Statue, also known as the goddess of Mercy in Buddhism. It greets you as you start your tour in Macua. If you like to gamble, shop and are in Asia, make a trip to Macau! It is known to be the Las Vegas of that continent.


I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I put my thoughts and pictures over here on this blog. I have been preoccupied with working from behind the chair while living in Guam. It’s been a great break from writing. Although I have missed blogging and writing and it seems I will go back to it once we move to California. Yes, that is right we are moving to California in a few months. So I am wrapping up my time behind the chair here in Guam on April the 1st. Today I am back in the saddle with pumping out some blogs of our travels over winter break. We didn’t shop or gamble while we were in Macau, but we were told many times by our tour guide, that Macau is known for shopping and gambling. So again if you live in Asia, the Mariana islands, the Philippines, Indonesia or anywhere in this hemisphere and love to gamble and shop, head up north to Macau! We went there to view the Portuguese influence.


The Portuguese owned Macau until 1999. Their mark lives on in the old town with the black and white cobble stone side walks and streets. While living in Portugal for two years, we fell in love with the designs in the sidewalks and the ceramic tiles that are plastered on many buildings. We went to Macau for a day to reminisce about our time we spent in Portugal.


The city has a bit of the old time charm that makes up Lisbon but you can clearly see that it is owned by Asia.


You hop on a high speed ferry from Hong Kong and you’re in Macau, in just one hour. You don’t have to make any plans if you want to stay for the day. There are loads of taxi drivers and tour guides waiting outside the ferry terminal who speak multiple languages and are very kind. Visiting Macau, made us miss our friends who live in Portugal even more!!! Bom Dia!


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