Bestseller, really?

Emily-Gibson-27-1-20151-1024x775It has only been a month but The Chopped Gem is on the Bestsellers list with my publisher. Wow!!! Holy Moly!!! It is true. Check it out here. If you want to purchase to read it on Kindle or Nook request it through a button on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  If you’ve read The Chopped Gem, please share your feedback on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or on goodreads. It is a simple read to enjoy by the pool, at the beach or on staycation. But as of today, May 31st, it is a bestseller with its publisher. If you’ve read The Chopped Gem please share your thoughts with potential readers on social networking sites or through online booksellers. I as the author of her, would truly appreciate it. Cheers to The Chopped Gem!11223764_10205982492414240_5833589181615596984_n

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