Be Like You

DSC_5226Be like you, like what you are, choices are unlimited when you believe you’re a star.
One human being who has inspired me over the years has been Steve Irwin, also known as The Crocodile Hunter. He has inspired me to live. He did what he loved, without fear, even into his death. He wasn’t boxed in by the opinions of others; he did what he wanted to do and loved it despite what anyone thought about him.DSC_5491
He truly lived outside the box and inspires me as a human and a parent. Today, I am setting free a few of my caged thoughts and photos of an adventure past.DSC_5162
Behind the screen today, we’ll briefly visit another one of my favorite places in Portugal, the Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa, also known as the Lisbon Zoo that was founded in 1884. It celebrated its 130th birthday this week on May 28th.  DSC_5511
I know that the zoo can be a bit controversial; I mean it is a bit hard to see animals caged in, not able to roam the planet as they want.  DSC_5631
I am very thankful that zoos are there for the animals that are unable to be rehabilitated and set out into the wild, also a little selfish part of me enjoys being able to see them in person without going into their natural habitats.DSC_5516
Now the Lisbon Zoo has to be one of my favorite zoos. You can dine at a restaurant and eat fresh sardines.DSC_5330
Or you can get your Mickey D’s fix if you didn’t bring a snack or sardines aren’t your thing.DSC_5331
If you visit the Lisbon Zoo you will find that you can ride the sky lift for free.DSC_5405
It takes you above and around the zoo where you can see many animals at rest below your feet. Kind of scary if you fell into the lion’s den, but have no fear you’re caged in.DSC_5412
Not only can you see the animals you can view the Águas Livres Aqueduct and the Cristo Rei monument as you glide over the park.DSC_5395
My favorite part of this trip was the baboons. We visited their cage during feeding time. As we were making our way over to them I noticed this little baboon that was sneaking out of the cage.DSC_5533
Its mother, along with some other concerned residents, were pulling the little fella back.DSC_5531
He was all over the place.DSC_5601
He was the star of the show until another baboon wanted to be like him.DSC_5595
The zoo keepers locked all the baboons in this one area so they could dump out tomatoes and lettuce for dinner. DSC_5547
Well, this one guy didn’t want to wait. He squeezed himself out of the cage and into the area where she was serving up their meal.DSC_5559
He knew that the alpha males always go first and they were so angry watching that little sneaky guy take their place.DSC_5595
Today, as I share this adventure with you many thoughts on the animal kingdom run through my mind. Especially thoughts about the human kingdom and how Jesus said, “Love thy neighbor as yourself.”DSC_5156
If you don’t love yourself, how can you love a neighbor? Be like whom? Be like you? It starts within our souls, if we don’t believe we are stars in this life, we won’t shine bright in others’ lives. The liking ourselves goes beyond the selfie world. Taking that selfie love and turning it into selfless love.DSC_5269
We can’t give what we don’t have, so learning to love ourselves will flow over to others. When I sat down to write, I was inspired by Steve Irwin and the song I Wanna Be Like You from the Jungle Book. His life was lived in and out of the jungle. He appeared to be a shining star and touched many lives with his passion for life.DSC_5320
I started this blog with a chopped thought and I will end today with what is still ringing in my head. Be like you, like what you are, choices are unlimited when you believe you’re a star. BE and LIKE who? You! When you do, you can love your neighbor as yourself……DSC_5218

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