Audience of None

 I am writing an entry into a journal, that is buried in a capsule deep underground. No one will ever read it because the planet is no longer inhabited by humans. So, that is an alternative fact but I am writing as there is no one left on Earth today. An Audience of none maybe one, since it’s coming out of my brain.  
In the Spring of 2017, I lived in California. I, along with my husband and son went on a 72 hour get a way from our peaceful home in Monterey and traveled into the unknown. We stopped in Antelope Valley to view these bold and bright poppies that bloomed after the winter rains. The site was food for our eyes, eyes covered by sunglasses due to the intensity of this site combined with the glare of the sun.
I wanted to stay here forever but a brief stop was all that took place due to time restraints. Isn’t this view of the poppy field breathtaking?
That day in the Spring of 2017 we drove on from this gorgeous location and took a pit stop in Devil’s Punchbowl.
One of us just so happened to forget our Honey girl’s leash. So thanks to luggage straps buried in our car we improvised and made a leash so our little Honey could join us on a walk about through this steamy and rocky site. You know what?  I am changing my mind as I write. I want to make this blog about when we went to Antelope Poppy Reserve,
 Death Valley,
Sequoiah National Park,
and fun over Spring Break 2017 in our Bickermobile, but I can’t. I mentally don’t want to leave it all here. So I will end this blog with just photos of the poppies at the Antelope Poppy Reserve.  If you like to explore, I suggest you visit the Antelope Poppy Reserve come springtime. You won’t regret it. Happy Friday my Audience of None! 

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