Art In the Park

I know I have mentioned the extinct volcano that is right beside our home, probably more times than you care to read. It is home to Carney Park which is a place for military families,
civilian contractors, NATO forces and Italian Nationals to come and relax. In this extinct volcano is a swimming pool, tennis courts, a golf course, soccer fields, numerous playgrounds, baseball fields, basketball courts, a fitness yurt, camp sites and multiple pavillions that are used for whatever activity you find enjoyable.
On Sunday May 22nd, Kristen Cauble Morse, an American artist held a
painting event for her past students in Carney Park. Over 40 students came for her event.
 While the women were painting on ceramic tiles, husbands and children could engage in
any activity that calls Carney Park its home.
At the end of the day these beautiful damigianas, painted by Kristen,
found new homes.
Kristen kicked off the painting with a demonstration
of different flowers and techniques.
Every tile was so unique, not one tile looked alike.
So much talent!!!
 I think the boys are ready to go.
We have spent countless hours at the park and more to come in the future.
 What a fun day with art in the park!

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