All About People

DSC_5037Granada, Spain has to be one of my favorite cities.DSC_4709
Why? Was it because the glorious views of the palace and fortress of the Alhambra from Mirador de San Nicolas?DSC_5162
Was it a walk through the old district of Albayzin, where houses are sloped and the silence throughout the tiny streets bring on a feeling of peace?DSC_5143
Was it the snow covered peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains,DSC_5029
or watching dancers dance it up in the day,DSC_4598
and flamenco it at night?DSC_5233
Was it the plates of tapas,DSC_5198
or shopping in the market, where baskets full of spices,DSC_4637
teas and herbs were in abundance?DSC_4646
Granada was all about the people and how they were living life, that is why. For me the sites were a bonus but it was truly all about the people.DSC_4738
The little old men who strummed their guitars, repeating the same song over and over again.DSC_5072
DSC_4803Little girls intertwined as they walked down the cobble stone street.DSC_4779
A drummer beating his drum with his hands, filling the air with a light tune as tourists admired the architecture.DSC_4677
An old man shining the shoes of a younger man.DSC_5048
Ladies gathered in conversation by a mobile flower stand.DSC_5080
Laughter as the bubble people brought their ropes in and out of soap, through the air in the square.DSC_4572
Youth kicking a ball around, while others burnt out energy in the playgrounds across from the café. Watching my son mingle with the locals and play for hours with a boy almost half his age.DSC_4732
The creations by locals artists.DSC_4712
Names hand written and translated from English to Arabic with skill.DSC_4661
The heartbeat of Granada was beautiful. When you travel it’s easy to get caught up in all the sites you want to see. But the people in this Andalusian city made my heart skip a beat.DSC_4647

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