Alice is Where?

DSC_7054Sintra, Portugal is a place filled with wonder. A truly magical place, that sits at the base of the Sintra Mountains.DSC_7076

The Pena Palace and Castle of the Moors dominate this mountain range,DSC_7130
but tucked away within a lush green forest is a very mysterious place. DSC_7205
When I need creative inspiration or a quite place to think I make a trip into Sintra. Today, we’ll visit Sintra’s #1 tourist destination by Tripadvisor, the Quinta da Regaleira.DSC_7238
It’s a palace and estate located not far from Sintra’s historic center. It’s also about 20 minutes from where we currently live in Portugal. Visiting this town often is quite easy to do. Now if I were to choose a location for Alice in Wonderland to be re-made in, again, I would choose this palace and estate.DSC_7070
The garden that is filled with an assortment of plants from all over the world has me thinking about a line from Lewis Carroll’s, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass. DSC_7117
“Where should I go?” asked Alice. “That depends on where you want to end up.” said the Cheshire Cat.DSC_7233
I want to start and finish this adventure but it seems like it will be a long trip. Maybe we should  pause to see which door we want to go through.DSC_7135
Before we decide which door to choose and chase the rabbit through a underground tunnel,DSC_7190
and up and down a well,DSC_7179
we’ll view the inside of the palace very briefly.DSC_7139
DSC_7109DSC_7141DSC_7143I want to spend a lot of time in the groto, where the ducklings swim and the canaries fly from tree to tree, singing so sweetly.DSC_7207
But I am going to stop and think on a bench. What would Tweedledum and Tweedledee do next?DSC_7199
My imagination is carrying me away. It’s as though the Barista on site, slipped a bit of a magic potion in my coffee. I imagine what kind of mythical creatures come out after the sun goes down at night.DSC_7068
Before I go to deep, wondering, Alice is Where?  I’ll take you into the Roman Catholic Chapel for a breath of fresh air.DSC_7085DSC_7094DSC_7095The colors from the frescoes have me in a trance, I better find that rabbit and move on before I can’t. Planning a trip to Portugal? DO NOT pass up on a chance to explore the town of Sintra. This week I’ll continue to chase the rabbit. I have a feeling he’ll be having us stop at the Park and Palace of Monserrate. Oh, I forgot I never found Alice??DSC_7123

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