Welcome to gibsonchop.com! My name is Emily Gibson. I’m a wife, mom, hairstylist, blogger, nature lover, military spouse, and author. From life behind the chair, travel photos & experiences from around the globe, gibsonchop is just that, chopped!
My family has certainly moved around a lot over the years. I’m originally from Oklahoma and have visited 49 out of the 50 states in the USA, with my Texas man. While living in Hawaii we were blessed with our son Mayer. We’ve explored close to 40 countries and have received mail in Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Hawaii, Georgia, Connecticut, Washington state, Italy, Portugal, the island of Guam and California. My explorations into different regions around the world have inspired this blog. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist working behind the chair since 2002. After I left my business outside the home, {Bellezza Dentro Salon, located in downtown Denver, Colorado} I decided to open up an in home spa and salon after my husband joined the military to service fellow spouses and locals within the community.
I have discovered that I am a Travel Junkie as well. I like to pick up small bits while exploring and share them with you. So random contests happen here. Along with chopping and dyeing hair, I’ve written a fiction novel called The Chopped Gem. You can purchase it at WaterstonesBarnes& Noble online, Amazon, Amazon UK and in random book stores throughout the world.   10408779_246086442268486_9122010679591632672_n
I enjoy spending time and creating memories with my family, watching my son fall in love with his desires in living, meeting new people, traveling, dinner parties, lots of laughter, writing, working behind the chair, wine, and catching random crazy moments around me on disk.
Anyhow, again, welcome. I went off course in my about me thing…..Ahhhh, these fingers. If you have any questions shoot me an e-mail at emily@gibsonchop.com I will try and answer any question you might have-from hair to travel!
Cheers. Emily Gibson

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