5 Little Monkeys…..

DSC_5654Exploring Gibraltar, Morocco and spending time in Mérida, Córdoba, Granada, Ronda, Júzcar, Seville, Cádiz and Rota Spain-few towns that make up a region in southern Spain, called the Andalusian region, will make up the next few blogs here on this website.DSC_5665
 I interrupt our past monkey adventures in Portugal with Spring Break 2014. Today we have half a day in Gibraltar. What shall we do?DSC_5660
Well, if you want to see the only wild population of monkeys in Europe, head to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar.DSC_5682
Park your car in Spain and walk across the airport runway, into this British Overseas Territory that is located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula.DSC_5531
You can avoid long lines during tourist season by car, with just walking over. No need for a tour guide, if you have a map and some good walking shoes, exploring is a breeze.DSC_5613
Take the cable car to the top of the Rock for only a few British pounds.DSC_5805
There you can take in spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea,DSC_5679
Africa to the south and the bustling city below.DSC_5817
Also at the top of the Rock you may get to watch people pull out their sandwiches in an area where you will surely be attacked by the monkeys.DSC_5643
DSC_5645We saw this first hand, but beware; if you openly feed them and get caught, you will be fined.DSC_5807
There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy a refreshments and snacks inside, as you and your young monkeys meet and mingle with the locals, on the top of the Rock of Gibraltar.DSC_5723
Do you have time for more than half a day to explore Gibraltar?DSC_5620
Soak in the sun in a small fishing village called Catalan Bay, explore the Moorish Castle built in the 11th century or visit St. Michaels Cave. My half day in Gibraltar was all about monkeys.DSC_5783
The monkeys at the top of the rock and the ones way down below.DSC_5788
My son mingled with the local monkeys below as he and many of the other monkeys in Grand Casemates Square had race, after race.DSC_5852
Then in the evening a few games of tag and hide and go seek with another group of monkeys brought on night fall.DSC_5915Now all but two of the monkeys who played into the night with my son were deaf. It was so neat to watch the monkeys chase each other with smiles and sweat streaming down. The children above spoke with sign language. We met their parents, who also could not hear but spoke with their hands. Besides hanging with the monkeys above and mingling with the others on the ground, I have to say it was my favorite half day trip ever. All the monkeys were smiling and having a good time, especially my favorite monkey, my son.DSC_5716

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